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WHOA [22 Nov 2013|02:49pm]
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[24 Jan 2013|10:14pm]
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for myself. dont wanna do it private. [03 Sep 2010|05:14pm]
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SCISSOR RUNNER LIVE. [30 Aug 2010|02:46pm]
I'll never see em live. I HATE ARIZONA :(
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oops! [17 Apr 2010|05:50am]
Truck full of bro's calls us fags. I was really drunk. It seemed like a good idea to throw constructions signs at them... so I did... 3 times. Cuffed by the cops. oops. Were all good now though! good night!
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twittergaga [12 Mar 2010|03:01pm]
theteganandsara: Just taking a minute to publicly thank @ladygaga for being a fucking genius. Thank you for being so creative and so damn interesting.
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GAGA IN WONDERLAND [12 Mar 2010|12:53am]
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:( [23 Feb 2010|05:30pm]
Was on my way to work and some asshole decided that red lights do not apply to him. Totaled my car! Driving a pt cruiser rental :( I want to get drunk. Thank god for insurance and being alive and uninjured. Hoping to get the same car.
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[19 Feb 2010|03:54am]
Don't pretend to slit your wrists with with fabric cutting rolling thingy... because... you will accidentally slit your wrist a little bit... and it will hurt and bleed. OOPS! and we dont even have bandaids! Congress was fun! there was a guy in underwear with a predator mask on. HAHAHA Goodnight. I'm pretty drunk.
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This video [06 Feb 2010|03:09am]
Is adorable! and is the most amazing thing I have seen all week!
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I have this song stuck in my head. [03 Feb 2010|06:52pm]
I love it.
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AHHHHHH [14 Jan 2010|03:31am]
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YAY! [08 Jan 2010|04:48am]
My diet/exercise plan is working!!! Also: I FOUND MY PIXIES DVD!!! Have been trying to find it since... 11th grade. My stores manager is leaving next week... Two actually, The ones I hate! SHIT'S STARTING TO LOOK UP *knocks on wood*
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I forgot about this <3 [30 Nov 2009|05:47am]
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TDAY! [27 Nov 2009|03:33am]
Last night/this morning was great. MCat slaved away for 11 hours in the kitchen and is an amazing cook! I really liked her southwestern stuffing and the fucking SMOKE GOUDA MAC AND CHEESE! We downed lots of beer and listen to the most random playlist I've ever heard. I do have some wicked heartburn and am not looking forward to working on black friday even if it isn't until 4:30pm.
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I'm Obsessed. [25 Nov 2009|04:15am]
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23!!! [10 Nov 2009|05:47am]
Had an awesome early morning celebration with bff's! LOVE YOU GUYS! I'm most likely going to be puking all morning! gotta get up in 4 hours :( BIRTHDAY HANGOVER LUNCH WOOOOOO!
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The intro is my favorite! [08 Nov 2009|05:37am]
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THIS IS IT [28 Oct 2009|12:38am]
Saw it. YAYAYAYAY! teared up a bit during the intro. He's absolutely adorable and charming. We all already knew this.
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[27 Oct 2009|10:05am]
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